September 18, 2018

18th September – Water Monitoring Day


Here at MSL every day is water monitoring day.

The quality of water for manufacturing cosmetics is very important. It is often the last thing which is considered when contamination is found in the finished product. Tap water in the UK is of the highest standard in terms of its microbiological quality, however once it is sent around long pipe runs and stored in tanks with very little movement a monster can be created.

Filling glass with tap water. Modern faucet and sink in home kitchen. Man pouring fresh drink to cup.

Tap water is not sterile – nor does it need to be so there will always be living organisms swimming around. Once the water is in a manufacturing environment where there is very little movement and long periods of it standing in pipes, storage tanks, filter housings etc. there is enough nutrients for the bugs to multiply. This process begins after 20 minutes, each cell divides, so in a very short time 1 cell becomes millions of cells.

3d Illustration virus, bacteria, cell infected organism, virus abstract background. Hepatitis viruses in infected organism

Eventually if this is not treated and controlled a biofilm will form, the consequence of this is sporadic high levels of contamination in your finished product.

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