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UKAS Accreditation Maintained

We have successfully passed our Annual UKAS audit in order to maintain our Accreditation.

UKAS Accreditation is a confirmation of the high quality standards to which MSL operates, and ensure that your samples are processed with due care, by competent staff, using internationally approved methods. UKAS Accreditation ensures the laboratory testing standards are met within the organization.

Detail of Accreditation:

Materials/Products Tested Type of Test/Properties Measured/Range of Measurement Standard Specifications/Equipment/Techniques Used
  Microbiology Tests Documented in-house methods:
Preserved Detergent Based Personal Care Products Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria TM 5.4.1 based on BS EN ISO 21149:2009 using pour plate or surface plating technique
  Yeast and Mould TM 5.4.2 based on ISO16212:2008 using pour or surface plating technique
DISINFECTANTS and ANTISEPTICS Disinfectant Efficacy Testing of Bactericidal Activity TM 5.4.3 based on BS EN 1276:2009 using pour or surface plating technique