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REACH For Cosmetics & Personal Care

REACH For Cosmetics & Personal Care

Now that we have passed the final REACH registration deadline for substances imported or manufactured at more than 1 tonne per annum, it’s very important that businesses understand both their ongoing obligations under REACH, and the commercial opportunities it represents.

Now that the registration deadline has passed, ECHA and the various national enforcement bodies throughout Europe will be turning their attention to ensuring that existing registrations (nearly 90,000, covering over 21,000 substances) are regularly updated with current data, and ensuring that substances which have not been registered are prevented from entering the EU market.

This focus on enforcement is being welcomed by industry bodies, who are keen to see a tangible commercial benefit for their members that have invested considerable capital and resources into ensuring they are REACH compliant.

Marco Mensink, Director General of the European Chemical Industry Council states that now it is time "to turn REACH from a regulatory compliance issue to a competitive advantage for the European chemical industry".

The first step in doing this, he added, is to "make sure that (following the final REACH deadline) no unregistered substances cross the EU border, including substances in articles". The next step is making sure that compliance with REACH "gives an easier access to global markets".

This global aspect is likely to be enhanced as countries and regional trade associations have increasingly come to recognize REACH as representing the “gold standard” in chemical safety regulation. South Korea, Turkey and China are all in the process of introducing legislation that broadly mirrors REACH, while industry bodies in countries such as New Zealand and Australia have long indicated a preference for closer regulatory alignment with the EU to simplify market access.

If you are a cosmetics manufacturer or brand owner who sells into the EU market then MSL can assist you with ensuring that you meet your obligations under REACH. Please contact