January 26, 2018

Brexit – Facing the unknown


For those of you within the UK it is likely that the topic of Brexit has not been far from your minds throughout 2017 and it is unlikely to change in 2018. With the implementation of Brexit set to occur on the 29th March 2019 and any concrete details being few and far between we are facing a long period of regulatory uncertainty. It is clear that Brexit will have some impact on our industry, however, the level of this impact could vary drastically.

In an attempt to be as educated on this topic as possible MSL have a representative on the industry body liaising with UK government as well as attending various seminars and discussions on this topic throughout the UK and Europe.

We are now recommending all products for which we act as Responsible Person for to carry the following two addresses:


RP. MSL, Suite 5385, 27 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin, IE.

We believe this gives the best possible security against all possible outcomes of the ongoing negotiations – permitting the sale of products into Europe and the UK after any transition period has ended and allowing all Product Information Files and CPSR’s to be maintained in the English language.

If you are within the UK and are your own Responsible Person or another UK entity is your Responsible Person it may be time to consider protecting yourselves against possible Brexit outcomes.

If you wish to discuss this with us further please feel free to get in contact.