July 20, 2018

CCUK Testing Conference Feedback


Ben and Chris attended the CCUK Testing Conference, here is what they had to say on their day:

Ben: “CCUK was a great opportunity to not only learn from experts in the claim support industry, but also an excellent chance to network with colleagues in the cosmetic industry. The impact of digital marketing in the cosmetic industry was particularly eye opening, apps that provide a personalized product regime based on a photo were of particular interest. The advancements in technology highlighted such as infra-red phone cameras and microscope lens attachments one is very exciting as they make consumer trials accessible to those with smaller budgets. Finally the effort being put into creating a totally animal cruelty free test by updating old methods using new technology is very encouraging, it is definitely the direction this industry needs to be moving, which is why MSL have been validating test methods using vegan media. If you are interested in finding out about this area of testing please contact me: Lab@msl.io.”

Chris: “I really enjoyed the CCUK convention held in Nottingham as I was made to feel extremely welcome, I got to speak to many people who come from completely different scientific backgrounds which I found very interesting. It was nice to get alternative perspectives about how cosmetics may be tested in the future with the impact of new scientific technology being developed such as everyday equipment for example mobile phones with camera attachments which allows the consumer to find out much more about their skin type. I will definitely be hoping to go to future events.”

CCUK Testing Conference Feedback