January 10, 2022

Director changes at MSL Solution Providers

Following the retirement of Angela Davies, we are delighted to announce that Carolyn Burney has assumed the position of Managing Director, with effect from 1st January 2022.

Angela leaves the company in the safe hands of Carolyn as MD, Operations Director, Alex Fotheringham, and Mark Fenn as Director, Shareholder, and Company Chairman to continue the MSL journey.

Having joined the company in 2013, Carolyn has a wealth of experience ensuring there will be smooth continuity as she assumes the managing director position. She will continue to head up the biocides division, whilst Alex will oversee cosmetics, and our specialist team will continue to offer the high-quality testing and regulatory support service.

Angela will remain a director, both on the main board for a short period and long term, as founder on the EOT board.

Carolyn head and shoulders