August 7, 2023

Producing Bespoke Cosmetics Products At The Point Of Sale?

Here’s what you need to consider to stay compliant.

In recent years, the availability of personalised cosmetic and personal care products created in-store has been growing. Meeting the requirements of UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations, specifically Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), is more challenging compared to the traditional method of production in a factory.

So, to stay compliant and ensure the safety and quality of products, we’ve compiled a handy check list of what you should consider when creating products at the point of sale (POS).

  • Labelling Does it comply with Article 19 of Regulation (EC) No 1223/ 2009? Packaging must include various information, including details of the Responsible Person (RP), batch code and number, ingredient list, expiration date, and more.
  • Preparation, cleaning, and training. Ensure bespoke products are only prepared by trained personnel in a dedicated area compliant with the requirements of GMP. Ensure This zone must be cleaned following a predetermined and documented process (Standard Operation Process).
  • IngredientsWhere products are made from several ingredients, you must consider whether the individual components are cosmetic products in their own right or chemicals? The mixing of the latter in bespoke products is very complex – and unlikely to be appropriate for an in-store setting.
  • Filling, refilling, and storage. Tightly monitor the filling of product into packaging and perform regular controls and audits to ensure quality control. Consider contamination risks – for example, you should never fill into customers’ pre-used empty containers or mix refill batches.
  • SafetyThe very nature of bespoke products means that many similar versions are created – all possible combinations must be considered during safety assessments. Due to the cost and impracticability of commissioning testing for each variation, the production of microbiological high-risk products is not recommended.
  • TraceabilityEnsure the product’s batch code and a traceability document is kept updated and that each unique combination of ingredient has an individual notification and Product Information File (PIF).

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