March 17, 2023

Do you need support with Safety Data Sheets?

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are essential for chemical products but require technical expertise and can be time-consuming to prepare. Furthermore, they need reviewing regularly to ensure that they meet changing regulations.

Although finished cosmetic products do not require SDS in terms of their consumer use; manufacture, storage, transportation, and retail sale hazards can arise during production. The production of SDS is an effective method commonly used to provide information required for safe use and disposal of the cosmetic product.

We know that compiling them can be a headache for companies to prepare themselves, which is why we are delighted to extend our SDS offer with a new subscription service. This enables customers to lighten their load by outsourcing the responsibility of maintaining these essential documents to our in-house, specialist SDS team.

Headed up by our resident SDS Author, Daniel Sands, the package includes alerts and notifications of upcoming changes, consultancy, an annual review to ensure they remain up to date, and a limited number of revisions, as applicable. This year-round support benefits our customers by:

  • Saving them valuable time and effort.
  • Offering them reassurance that the completed SDS is technically accurate.
  • Helping to ensure that they stay compliant with regulations that are constantly being reviewed.

Additionally, we can expertly author new SDS in different languages and complete Poison Centre Notifications. We can also include customers’ company logo if desired. What’s more, we can do all of this and send the completed SDS within two weeks, from receipt of data.

If you need support with SDS or would like more information, click here or contact us.