June 4, 2024

Does your hand sanitiser measure up to new standard EN 17430?

Does your hand sanitiser measure up to new standard EN 17430?

In spring 2024, the new Europe-wide standard EN 17430 was introduced – and it is set to revolutionise hand disinfectant efficacy testing.

If you manufacture or supply hand sanitising gels to the medical sector, you simply can’t afford not to have your products tested to EN 17430. This new standard takes a huge leap forward in the field of disinfectant efficacy testing by assessing products against viruses on subjects’ hands.

Whereas previous virucidal testing (EN 14476) evaluates efficacy in-vitro, EN 17430 bridges the gap between laboratory tests and practical use. It simulates practical conditions to establish whether a hygienic hand rub reduces the release of virus contamination on hands when applied.

This not only substantiates virucidal efficacy claims, but also adds reassurance that the product works effectively in real-world scenarios – hugely important for settings where infection prevention is critical, like in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

At MSL, we can help you ensure that your hand sanitiser’s claims are robust and meet all regulatory requirements. As well as EN 17430, we can also perform testing for standards EN 1500 and EN 1499.

Our full service of hand hygiene testing includes:

  • EN 13624 (fungicidal or yeasticidal activity)
  • EN 13727 (bactericidal activity)
  • EN 12791 (surgical hand disinfectant efficacy)
  • EN 14476 (virucidal efficacy of medical disinfectant products)
  • EN 1499 (bactericidal efficacy of hygienic handwashes)
  • EN 1500 (bactericidal efficacy for hygienic hand rubs)
  • EN 1276 (bactericidal activity, non-medical)
  • EN 1650 (fungicidal or yeasticidal activity, non-medical)

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