August 7, 2018

EU Fragrance Restrictions


EUROPE RESTRICTS THE USE OF Tagetes erecta, minuto and patula. IN “leave-on” AND “wash off ”  COSMETIC PRODUCTS

The European Commission has published Regulation (EC) 2018/978 to restrict the use of the fragrance ingredients: Tagetes erecta, minuto and patula on the 12 July 2018.  As a result of concerns documented in the SCCS opinion (SCCS/ 1551/15) due to the presence of alpha terthienyl (terthiophen) and the usage of these ingredients marketed for use in sunscreen products.

Tagetes erecta flower extract and oil (CAS No. 290-353-9) have been added to Annex II.  T. minuto (CAS No. 91770-75-1/8016-84-0) and T. patula flower extract and flower oil (CAS No. 91722-29-2/ 8016-84-0) have been added to Annex III, at a maximum concentration of 0.01% in leave-on products and 0.1% in rinse off products.  Restrictions are now in place regarding the amount of alpha terthienyl (terthiophen) content in the extract/ oil (<0.35%) and the ingredients shall not be used in sunscreen products and products marketed for exposure to natural/ artificial UV light.

The Regulation applies from 1 May 2019 for products placed on the Union market and from 1 August 2019 for products madeavailable on the EU market.
For further details please contact MSL Principal Toxicologist, Dr Daniel Burney.