September 18, 2023

Get ready for MoCRA

The Modernization of Cosmetic Regulations Act of 2022 (MoCRA) is the first major update to the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) authority over cosmetic products since 1938 – and is transforming the industry with new rules. Any brand distributing into the US, including British and European businesses exporting to the territory, must ensure that their practices comply with the new law to maintain access to this $430 billion market[i].

While the industry waits for the FDA to finalise instructions and guidance, our advice is not to delay any further. The new rules will come into force as of 29th December, so with only a few months to go, you must act now to continue selling in the US.

Our extensive experience in working with US cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers means we are ideally placed to help you prepare and stay compliant when the law comes into force. Our services include:

  • Acting as US Agent
  • Facility Registrations
  • Product Listings
  • FDA & State Regulatory Compliance Checks on Formulations
  • Safety Substantiation
  • Accelerated Stability Studies
  • Preservative Efficacy (Challenge) Testing.

For further information about our MoCRA services or to register for a free MoCRA timeline and regulatory updates, check out our dedicated MoCRA support page here USA – MOCRA – MSL or email

[i] The beauty market in 2023: New industry trends | McKinsey

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