March 15, 2021

Meeting the Swiss standard on fabric masks


Over the past year, masks have become an essential accessory in the battle against the spread of coronavirus. However, whilst there are harmonised standards for medical hygiene and respiratory masks, no standards exist for community masks, which are usually made of fabric.

To address this, the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) has recently developed a Swiss rule on community masks in cooperation with experts: ‘SNR 30000:2021 Community masks – Basic requirements and testing procedures’.

This voluntary standard defines basic requirements for community masks and how they are to be tested. Following a successful test, manufacturers can declare that their product has been validated according to SNR 30000 and that it meets the requirements.

Our experienced team can test masks (washed and unwashed fabrics) in relation to the new Swiss guidelines. We are also able to perform the ISO 18184 test, to help determine the antiviral activity of your textile products.

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