December 17, 2016

PAS 2424:2014 Quantitative Surface test for the evaluation of residual antimicrobial (bactericidal and/or yeasticidal) eficacy of liquid chemical disinfectants on hard non-porous surfaces


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Increasingly, numerous biocidal products are displaying claims of residual antimicrobial activity (e.g. long-lasting protection, 24-h protection and residual action).

At present there is no European Standard test methodology for assessing the residual antimicrobial activity of a chemical disinfectants/antimicrobial product, therefore researchers and companies have designed test methods in an attempt to demonstrate residual antimicrobial efficacy and support these claims.

The test method in PAS 2424 has therefore been designed to reflect within a laboratory test method the actual conditions in which a product is designed to be used. It takes into consideration abrasion and re-contamination by including abrasion cycles and re-inoculations over a 24-h period and remains as close as possible to the practical conditions that are outlined in the current European Standards (e.g. test surface, contact times, micro-organisms, organic load, etc).

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