June 5, 2015

Responsible Person Change Over


Earlier this year, MSL was approached by a client who we had previously worked for when at a different company. He had moved on to another company within the industry and was looking for help as they were having major problems with their current Responsible Person. His new management had asked him to look for a plan B. He approached MSL; as he said “In the short time we spoke I got a good feeling about Microbiological Solutions”. For this reason he came back to us to get information on what we could do to help. One of the major problems they were having with their RP was continual delays, they felt like the products were not being processed quickly and that they weren’t receiving clear accurate information. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars they had nothing to show for it. Although we had already formed a relationship with our previous client, we had to prove ourselves to his new management before they would agree to accept us as their responsible person. We were given various projects to prove our capability in providing the service they required. We were able to complete each project in the short time we were given to do so. We received an email from the client to say: “I would like to compliment you and your entire staff. Management was very impressed”.

Their company has only been around for 5 years but is growing fast which is the reason they wanted to find an RP that can grow and develop with them. We sent over an RP Agreement and Quote which was signed and accepted. We are now in the process of changing over all RP responsibilities and updating the CPNP.

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