September 8, 2015

SCCS Opinion: Deoxyarbutin and Phenylene Bis-diphenyltriazine are not safe


Deoxyarbutin is a skin lightening agent synthesised through removal of hydroxyl groups from the glucose side-chain of arbutin. Concerns were raised with regards to the release of hydroquinone from arbutin and other substances. Hydroquinone is listed on Annex II of the Cosmetics Regulation and is prohibited from use in cosmetic products with some exceptions for professional use. SCCS was requested to consider whether Deoxyarbutin is safe for consumers when used in face creams up to maximum concentration of 3%. The SCCS concluded that whilst Deoxyarbutin is considered safe, Hydroquinone will be formed at levels which raise concerns with regard to the safety of such products during its life-cycle. Therefore, the overall conclusion of the SCCS is that the use of Deoxyarbutin in face creams is not safe.

SCCS was requested to consider whether Phenylene Bis-diphenyltriazine is safe for use as a UV filter in sunscreen products up to a maximum concentration of 10%. The tests conducted on eye irritation and skin sensitisation are inconclusive and that the phototoxicity potential cannot be excluded. In addition, adequate data on chronic or sub-chronic toxicity after inhalation were not provided and an adequate physico-chemical characterisation is required. Therefore SCCS concluded that Phenylene Bis-diphenyltriazine is not safe for use as a UV-filter in sunscreen products in a concentration up to 10.0%.

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