Sanitiser and Disinfectant Testing

Sanitiser and Disinfectant Testing

We are your complete service provider for all your testing and regulatory needs, ensuring that your disinfectant and hand sanitiser products are compliant with current regulations. This covers products used in the food and domestic settings, through to veterinary and medical uses. The majority of our biocides testing, including virology testing, is accredited by UKAS 4045 to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards.

In addition to testing, we can review warning and claims artwork for hand sanitisers to ensure they comply with relevant regulations and local requirements. When manufacturing hand sanitisers and disinfectants, there are two key testing and regulatory considerations:

• the standards these products must meet will vary depending on their use.
• legislation changes to regulations continue to evolve.

Hand Sanitisers

For hand sanitisers in the medical arena, our full service includes quantitative suspension tests for the evaluation of fungicidal or yeasticidal activity (EN 13624) and bactericidal activity (EN 13727). Plus, surgical hand disinfectant efficacy is tested (EN 12791). This testing is in addition to virucidal testing, EN 14476, for medical disinfectant products, bactericidal testing, EN 1499, for hygienic handwashes, and bactericidal testing, EN 1500, for hygienic hand rubs. In addition, we test for hygienic hand wash efficacy (EN 1499), hygienic hand rub disinfectant efficacy (EN 1500), plus new standard EN 17430, which tests products against viruses on subjects’ hands.

For non-medical uses our quantitative suspension test evaluates bactericidal activity (EN 1276) and fungicidal or yeasticidal activity (EN 1650).

We can also review your product artwork regarding claims and warnings to ensure it is compliant with the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) , Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulations and local requirements. There are currently cases of hand sanitisers lacking the required hazard labelling and incorrectly claiming their efficacy against viruses without adequate substantiation. The UK Trading Standards are stopping shipments of these hand sanitisers at entry into the UK, which results in costly delays and fines.

Surface Disinfectants

These are split into two main applications: mechanical action, such as wipes, and without mechanical action, such sprays used across household, medical, food and veterinary industries.

We carry out the quantitative suspension and surface tests for bacteria, yeast / fungi, viruses, and spores as well as conduct a test specifically designed for wipes (EN 16615).

At MSL, our teams will not only provide a comprehensive range of tests but will also offer tailor-made solutions for any of your testing needs to support your specific claims. For more information, please contact us.