Our innovative VeganSure solution was a world first when it launched in 2019. This pioneering microbiological testing replaces standard culture media with plant-based or synthetic alternatives to assure the safety of a cosmetic product without compromising vegan ethics.

Historically, ‘Preservative Efficacy or Challenge Tests (ISO 11930) have relied on standard culture media and neutralisers which are derived from animal by-products. Thanks to VeganSure, however, brands can now ensure their products are tested with vegan alternatives for both the main cosmetic tests required in the UK and EU: Microbial Limits and the Preservative Efficacy (Challenge) Testing. This can help vegan brands take a 360° approach, ensuring formulations are animal-free from development through to microbiological testing.

All animal derived ingredients have been replaced with plant derived or synthetic alternatives, such as papaya-derived enzymes, soya bean, sugars from potatoes, cornmeal, and plant peptones. The tests meet all requirements of UK and EU cosmetic regulations and are performed in an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited testing laboratory, with separate workflows to avoid cross-contamination. VeganSure is registered with The Vegan Society’s Trademark.

VeganSure provides the same results, to the same standards and at a similar cost as standard microbiological testing, making it an easy switch for brands to make.


Following the ongoing success of our VeganSure testing service, we can now supply vegan dehydrated culture media (DCM) to companies around the world that have in-house laboratories or sub-contract testing.

All VeganSure DCM products are validated against traditional media to ensure quality of results and meet the requirements of the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations.

For more information about VeganSure, please contact us.

For in vitro safety testing services, our recommended partner is XCellR8. GLP-accredited, XCellR8 offers animal free regulatory and non-regulatory tests for raw ingredients and finished mixtures. To find out more about XCellR8, please contact with your name and email address. Please use ‘MSL referral’ in the subject line.


Regulatory Safety Tests Non-Regulatory Safety Tests Efficacy Tests
• OECD TG 442c Skin sensitisation DPRA • Skin irritation • Anti-oxidant activity
• OECD TG 442d Skin sensitisation KeratinoSens™ • Eye irritation • Mildness to skin
• OECD TG 442e Skin sensitisation h-CLAT • Vaginal irritation • Mildness to eye
• OECD TG 439 Skin irritation • Genotoxicity
• OECD TG 492 Eye irritation • Acute toxicity
• OECD TG 431 Skin corrosion • Inhalation toxicity
• Cytotoxicity
• Phototoxicity