Auditing is essential for any environment where it is critical to maintain hygiene, for example, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, or catering settings and is a requirement for regulatory compliance.

We offer a variety of auditing solutions to support our clients in passing hygiene based and GMP (Good Hygiene and Manufacturing Practices) audits. After discussing your requirements, our ISO 9001 experienced team will determine which tests meet your needs. We can carry out site audits, regular sampling and analysis, or provide you with the swabs, plates, and training for this to be performed by cleanroom operatives themselves.

Regular auditing enables you to identify potential microbial contamination and take appropriate action quickly to stay compliant.

CleanSure Hygiene Auditing Solution
We can also help other businesses ensure their premises are clean and healthy spaces with our CleanSure Hygiene Auditing Solution. Using our vast microbiology and industrial hygiene experience, we can help you check that the cleaning procedures in your workplace follow best practice and that they are robustly audited.

Our experienced audit team will work with you to identify your needs, and talk you through the process, which is incredibly straightforward:

• Once your needs have been determined, we will ship the sampling equipment to you, along with instructions and return packaging.

• You take swab samples around your workplace and pop them in the packaging provided, and return to us.

• We test the samples and send your report within three to five days. As well as the results, we will also send a bespoke set of recommendations to help you stay ahead of any potential hygiene problems.

By providing your team with everything required to carry out sampling and identify problem areas, the CleanSure service is a quick, reliable, and effective way to ensure shared environments are clean and safe for all occupants.

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