At MSL Solution Providers, we offer an integrated regulatory and laboratory testing service. Our in-house accredited labs provide a comprehensive range of standard tests, including efficacy testing of biocides and disinfectant products used in a wide range of environments, against bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses, mycobacteria, legionella, and algae. The majority of our biocides testing, including virology testing, is accredited by UKAS 4045 to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards. We also offer tailored solutions to specific testing needs, to support our clients’ individual requirements.

Disinfectant and sanitiser testing

Disinfectants are used in a wide variety of situations to reduce the number of microorganisms in the environment and on surfaces.  All products need to be tested to prove they are effective against their claimed targets.  We can assist with testing and regulatory services relating to disinfectant products.

Efficacy testing

MSL can perform any microbiological test methods (which include ISO, JIS) and apply deviations appropriate to the intended use/application, to support disinfectant validation and BPR dossiers. Please see below some of the most common tests that we perform. Please contact us if you can’t see the specific EN Test you are looking for.

Technical support and regulatory services
Each of our customers is appointed with a dedicated technical project manager, who will be their one point of contact from the initial enquiry to the final report, and beyond. They will also be able to provide support for all your biocide regulatory requirements.

For more information about our biocides services, please contact us.

Medical Veterinary Domestic Hand wash/rub UV disnfection Airborne disinfection Treated articles Other
EN13727 EN 1675 EN 1276 EN 1499 BS 8628 EN 17272 ISO 20743 ASTM E2783
EN 13624 EN 1656 EN1650 EN 1500 ISO 22196 ASTM 1052
EN 17126 EN 14675 EN 13704 ASTM E1174 ISO 846 ASTM 1053
EN 14204 EN 17122 EN 14348 ASTM E1115 ISO 18184 ASTM 1054
EN 14476 EN 14204 EN 13697 ASTM 1174 ISO 21702 ASTM E1839
EN 16777 EN 16437 EN 13623 ASTM 2755 AATCC 30 ASTM E645
EN 12791 Pas 2424 AATCC 100
EN 16616 EN 1040 AATCC TM147
EN 14641 EN 1275 ASTM E2149
EN 14642 Pas 2424 ASTM D7907
EN 14643 ASTM E2922
EN 16615
EN 17111



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