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In vitro Safety Testing

MSL partner with our approved supplier XCellR8 to provide in vitro safety testing services. XCellR8 are a fellow North West based laboratory, who are GLP-accredited and supply exclusively vegan tests to the cosmetics and personal care industries. They offer both regulatory and non-regulatory tests for raw ingredients and finished mixtures.

Testing Services Offered by XCellR8

Regulatory Safety Tests

  • OECD TG 442c Skin sensitisation DPRA
  • OECD TG 442d Skin sensitisation KeratinoSens™
  • OECD TG 442e Skin sensitisation h-CLAT
  • OECD TG 439 Skin irritation
  • OECD TG 492 Eye irritation
  • OECD TG 431 Skin corrosion

Non-Regulatory Safety Tests

  • Skin irritation
  • Eye irritation
  • Vaginal irritation
  • Genotoxicity
  • Acute toxicity
  • Inhalation toxicity
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Phototoxicity

Efficacy Tests

  • Anti-oxidant activity
  • Mildness to skin
  • Mildness to eye

Why Choose XCellR8

✓ More accurate and predictive safety test results

  • XCellR8 only use human cell culture and other in vitro techniques, replacing outdated animal tests 

✓ Satisfy consumer demand for a more ethical supply chain

  • XCellR8 are the only lab globally to make their tests entirely animal-product-free (or vegan)

✓  Get to market faster

  • With turnaround times from as little as 6 weeks 

✓  Meet your regulatory requirements

  • XCellR8 is a GLP accredited lab offering a range of tests which are compliant with OECD Test Guidelines 

✓  Already trusted around the world

  • Since they launched in 2008, XCellR8 have worked with leading cosmetic retailers and ingredient manufacturers

✓  Investment in innovation

  • XCellR8’s R&D function has attracted funding from Innovate UK and the European Horizon 2020 programme to research improved predictability for mildness to skin, and acute toxicity 

✓  An ethos of excellent client service

  • MSL chose to partner with XCellR8 because of our shared ethical credentials and commitment to providing personal, quality services.

Why Animal-Product-Free

Since the animal testing ban for cosmetics was fully adopted in the EU in 2013, many innovative advances have been made in the field of animal-free tests. However, many in the industry overlook the fact that most in vitro methods use animal derived components such as Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS), tissue extracts and antibodies. They ultimately require the sacrifice of animals; you can never assume that an in vitro test is a vegan test.

XCellR8 have eliminated the use of all animal derived components in their laboratory by using human serum, chemically defined media or human platelet lysate instead. This provides a better model of human physiology, gives a higher rate of reproducibility and avoids the complications of species differences when interpreting results.

To fully honour the vegan philosophy when developing cosmetics, safety and efficacy testing of ingredients and finished products should also be vegan compliant. XCellR8’s tests avoid animal welfare issues involved in the collection of components such as foetal bovine serum (FBS) and you meet consumer demand for sustainable, ethical products and transparent supply chains.

We know this is a complex issue because in some cases, animal-free (let alone vegan) tests haven’t yet been fully developed, or regulators allow the use of historic animal data in safety data sheets. However, through XCellR8 vegan data is available for several endpoints that are key to cosmetic safety assessment, including skin and eye irritation, skin sensitisation and genotoxicity, as well as supporting claims such as mildness and anti-oxidant activity. 

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